Our neighborhood


Walk to: Whole foods, coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, wineries, and concert venues (1-2 min)

Walk to: Fourth street shopping area (10-12 minutes)

Bike to: North Berkeley BART (10 minutes)

Bike to: Downtown Berkeley (15-20 minutes)

Bus to: North Berkeley BART (10 minutes)

Bus to: Downtown Berkeley (20-25 minutes)

Drive to: Rockridge BART (20 minutes)

Drive to: El Cerrito BART (5-10 minutes)

Drive to: Richmond (10 minutes)

Drive to: Oakland (15-20 minutes)


What’s next?

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Interested in joining us? Fill out an information form here (takes <1 min) to schedule a tour, or email alex.mooney@organpreservationalliance.org for more information.


We're hoping to leverage our extra office space to help local entrepreneurs, non-profits and change-makers create a better world, thereby achieving our own mission to advance human well-being. All revenue will go toward mission-driven programs like building community consensus and supporting large-scale scientific research efforts (more on our activities here). Our annual report is freely available, email alex.mooney@organpreservationalliance.org for a copy.