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 Rent-subsidized private office


We currently have one large office that comfortable fits up to 4 people… or just one person who wants a lot of personal space. Click here to apply!


  • Street view

  • Furnished and decorated, though a lot of room for personalization remains

  • Electronic adjustable-height desks (sit, stand, or bring your treadmill and walk in place)

  • Free access to all of the office amenities, listed here

  • Privacy and space - seriously, this office is big!

  • Flexible lease terms at $1380/mo* for the total space that can accommodate 1-4 people

*For reference, a 4-person private office at WeWork costs almost $1000/mo more. We’re aiming to rent to the best suitemates to help them make a positive impact on the world, rather than to maximize rental revenues. Because we want to find and maintain the best suitemates, we can even discount rent proportionally to lease term, up to 10% for those that commit to a year with us!

office people.jpg

Fill out our quick and easy application here or learn more about our first-class neighborhood or our dedicated desks

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