Cancer and Fertility Protection

More than 140,000 girls and young women become cancer survivors each year in the U.S., and many more worldwide. Chemotherapy and radiation are often the best treatment options, which can leave patients infertile and with impaired hormone balance. This can result in lifelong sexual and psychological side effects and leave patients at risk for heart disease and other life-threatening conditions.

Cutting edge research on organ cryopreservation has the potential to enable the banking whole ovaries (and already has in animal models), allowing them to be saved as a fertility-preserving treatment for cancer patients. Cryobanking of ovarian tissue has already become a promising experimental therapy, resulting in dozens of healthy live births. Cryopreservation research can also enable the banking of whole testes and testicular tissue, making these treatments available to young men and boys as well.

Reproductive organ and tissue banking could become a routine treatment for children and young adults worldwide, helping millions of patients ensure that they can enjoy a normal life after winning their battle with cancer.