A heartfelt thank you from past Chairman and founding CEO Dr. Sebastian Giwa

Dear friends and advisors,

After a lot of discussion with others at OPA, I've now left my role on the Board of Directors. Jedd will succeed me as Chairman while retaining his role as CEO, completing our leadership transition. This change was at my own insistence, and I maintain the same commitment to this mission we’ve embarked on together. I can promise that you'll see no less of me now than before ;-)

Progress on multiple fronts has led to this shift:

OPA will be seeding one or more organ banking research centers (more on that soon), and my company Sylvatica Biotech, along with others, will likely be involved as collaborators. While there are already procedures in place to manage conflicts and leaving OPA’s board is a step far beyond what is required legally, even the appearance of vested interests at OPA is something we’d rather avoid under the circumstances. A very exciting, BIG update coming from Jedd on that front soon…

We've also made enormous progress at my other companies, particularly Sylvatica Biotech (an R&D company co-founded with Mike Taylor, Mehmet Toner, and Kelvin Brockbank on OPA's advisory board) and Ossium Health (a bone marrow banking company co-founded with Erik Woods on OPA's advisory board and and OPA co-founder/Director Kevin Caldwell). With millions of dollars raised and now-established portfolios of projects and partners, more focused attention is needed for these organizations to scale and reach our full potential.

To everyone who helped OPA get to this point, three words: WOW. THANK YOU. 

We've come a long way together: two Organ Banking Summits, targeted funding for dozens of labs from the U.S. government, consensus meetings at the White House and on Capitol Hill, a technology roadmap to organ banking, a new branch of the American Society of Transplantation, a landmark consensus article in Nature Biotechnology, coverage by The Economist, Scientific American, WIREDBBC, and other organizations, and now initial seed funding for our own major research program as part of this effort. 

With many large stakeholder organizations and the scientific community now aligning around the goal of organ banking, the future is ours to create. I can't wait to watch the next chapters unfold with you all.

With great affection,