Cystic Fibrosis center

Support areas:

  • Liver, hepatocytes, liver tissue, lung tissue, respiratory tissue, pancreas, pancreatic tissue, gastroenterology tissue, intestine

Research overview:

  • “Research by dedicated scientists and clinicians from a wide range of disciplines is expanding our knowledge of cystic fibrosis, translating discoveries and insights into vital new treatments and clinical care practices for people living with CF.” Seen here

Research funding and grant applications:

Size and duration of research grants supported:

  • Multiple funding, grant, and award opportunities are offered of varying size, duration, requirements, and deadlines. Please see here for grant opportunities

Geographic locations funded:

  • U.S./National & International

Application deadlines:

  • Varies depending on grant

Application requirements:

  • Varies depending on grant

Other notes:

  • Grants and contracts office at

  • Additional contact information: 
    Telephone (301) 951-4422
    Fax: (301) 951-6378