The Seaver Institute

NOTE: No website available. Instead, see here where President Victoria Seaver Dean discusses philanthropic investments in basic research where she states, “In 1983, The Seaver Institute introduced a program that I call ‘seed money for research,’ where we give money to start a project to see if a novel idea will work. If it works, we know that other people will fund it and ramp it up from its seed phase into a larger phase. We generally provide the first two years of support to get a high-risk idea off the ground.” Additionally, “The Seaver Institute provides seed money to highly regarded organizations for particular projects which offer the potential for significant advancement in their fields.”

Support areas:

  • Any organ or tissue system

Research funding and grant applications:

  • Send letter addressed to President Victoria Seaver Dean requesting application guidelines at or physical location: 12400 Wilshire Blvd, Ste. 1240 Los Angeles, CA United States 90025-1058

Size and duration of research grants supported:

  • Based on request. Over the past 5 years, they’ve funded 116 grants to 89 organizations totaling $3,852,200

Geographic locations funded:

  • U.S./National

Application deadlines:

  • Early April and early November

Application requirements:

  • Send letter to President for guidelines

Other notes:

  • Per Foundation Center Online “No grants to individuals, or for operating budgets, continuing support, annual campaigns, emergency or endowment funds, scholarships, fellowships, deficit financing, capital or building funds, equipment, land acquisition, publications, disease-specific research or conferences; no loans.”