John S. Dunn Foundation

Support areas:

  • Any organ or tissue system

Grant mission:

  • Medical research

Research funding and grant applications:

  • Previously funded grants can be found here totaling $68,934,394 in research funding

Grant application:

  • Please see “Application requirements” below

Size and duration of research grants supported:

  • Funded grant sizes range from $10,000 to $20,000,000
  • Multi-year grants are typically not given

Geographic locations funded:

  • Texas with focus in Houston

Application deadlines and requirements:

  • Brief proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis and a full grant proposal will be requested only upon invitation (correspondence information below)
  • Grant guidelines can be found here

Other notes:

    3355 West Alabama, Suite 990
    Houston, Texas 77098
    Telephone:  713-626-0368
    Facsimile:  713-626-3866